• Application Development
    Our engineers are skilled and flexible, allowing you and your business to gain the most with a minimum of required resources. We will guide you through the entire software development lifecycle.
  • Testing Service
    The essential part of our projects is connected with Quality Assurance. We provide various testing services, from manual up to stress testing and test-driven development.
  • Dedicated Developers
    The resource or team will work under your command and controls will be available as per the requirements. We monitor the resources on your behalf to ensure quality and maximum output.
  • Offshore Development
    Easily scale team sizes up or down as necessary and redirect the cost savings into the company's core business goals. It is a proven method to expand customer's developing capability with low cost, high quality and low risk.
  • Mobility, Cloud, Big Data & More...

Minori provide services

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Our Expertise

MINORI Technology® provides industrial software solutions and accomplishes projects varying in scale and complexity for a wide range of industries.

  1. Health Care

    We deliver high-end sophisticated custom industrial software development services demanding deep scientific approach for Healthcare organizations.

  2. Finance

    MINORI’s tailor-made solutions serve highly demanding and rapidly changing Banking & Finance industries.

  3. Ecommerce

    MINORI’s tailor-made solutions serve highly demanding and rapidly changing Retail & Distribution industries.

  4. Education

    MINORI has the relevant experience and resources to create educational software of any scale and scope.


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